segunda-feira, janeiro 22, 2018

sexta-feira, dezembro 29, 2017


STOHSPANS 17 is a compilation of the mp3 I made during the current year.

STOHSPANS 8-12 is the same for the period 2008-2012.

Other albuns from other years are also available: STOHSPANS 16, STOHSPANS 15, STOHSPANS 13-14 and TRA (2012).

The links are from Bandcamp, but they are also available in Google Play (or will be in 1-2 days).

Have a great 2018!!

terça-feira, dezembro 26, 2017

New Song: "The Plain"

New Song: "Time, Mutation and Extintion"

New Song: "Solar System Tides"

New Song: "Last Shuttles From Earth"

New Song: "Joke"

New Song: "WeirdoWorldo"

New Song: "Silent Dawn"

New Song: "Climates"

New Song: "Continuously Spawning"

New Song: "The Taste of Life"