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New Song

Sure, it has errors, but "frankly my dear, ...". Happiness is also this.

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Happy Birthday!

This blog grows songs. Songs grow old.
The New Boss has turned 10 years old. Happy Birthday (and Worker's Day)!

sexta-feira, Abril 25, 2014


To put some order in the chaos, or maybe not, I am announcing the release of STOHSPANS 13-14 in Google Play. It is a collection of the songs released in this blog during 2013 and 2014. It is not mixed or mastered properly, but it eventually will be, I hope... Anyway, here it is (free):

domingo, Abril 20, 2014

New Song Version

Another version here (from the "TRA" album).


This is a chaotic blog, in the sense that music production follows some weird mood of the author and not some wise marketing decision, such as "finish it and present it properly to the public". I keep repeating this, I know. For instance, I could believe more in my capabilites, try my best to really turn some specific song into something as beautiful as possible, get some lyrics, sing it, get someone to mix and master everything to perfection, invest in packaging and marketing, etc.

It sounds like a lot of trouble, not suited to my life's rythm. So, I will just continue watering my song garden, adding some seeds, watching them grow and occasionally sharing some snapshots, when the mood arrives.

Everyone is invited to modify and create something different from these growing plants. In a way, this blog is pollen. And it is spring, after all.

sábado, Abril 05, 2014

Everything is connected, VI.

I recently discovered this english word, "cagey". This should be a funny discovery to any portuguese speaking person and no, I am not telling you why, all you few non-portuguese speaking folks that visit this humble blog, because one of the meanings of this word is exactly "not willing to say everything that you know about something".

I have also been watching, in awe, to Bernstein's 6 Harvard classes on "The Unanswered question". After explaining us the marvels of the connections between music composed by different authors (e.g., the derivation of Wagner's Liebestod from Berlioz's Romeo and Juliet in episode 4, starting at 59:45), episode 5 starts with Ravel's Rapsodie Espagnole which, to my ear, bears some resemblances to Bernstein's "I feel pretty". Yet, Bernstein's says nothing about this, when he could have used that as another example of his point in previous classes. Perhaps he wanted to tell us something about that other pillar of beauty, subtelty? Not telling us everything? Or was it subliminar, unintended?

Now I feel pretty cagey myself.

domingo, Março 30, 2014

Everything is connected, V.

Yesterday, just after lunch, I realized that Liebestod's climax (1:34:40 in Leonard Bernstein's version) is in yet another of my dearest memories: John Lennon's Imagine. Yes, it is there, almost everywhere, in the fast and higher pitch piano part that connects to the repeating motiv (48'', 54'', 1'00'' etc in the video below). Did a bunch of Liebestod-fan neurons in my brain influence my preferences in music, films, etc all my life? And how does this connects to my lunch yesterday? And how come John's expression in the image below reflects so well my surprise?

Addendum: The period of Liebestod's climax repetition is the same as the repetition in Lennon's Imagine or am I imagining things?
Oh well. 4 posts in the middle of the night when all I wanted was to turn off the computer that was left on...

sexta-feira, Março 28, 2014

Everything is connected, IV.

(Found this after the posts below. Search and you shall find...)

Everything is connected, III.

Chaplin and Wagner, again. Subliminar powers music has, Yoda would say.

Everything is connected, II.

Hitchcock, Bernard Herrmann and... Libestod (some similarities, e.g. minute 53)?
What devious memes hide behind some of the movies/music that I love the most?

Everything is connected.

Dali, Buñuel and Libestod. Don't worry, I will not post Un Chien Andalou (that eye in the beginning...), which also features Libestod.

quarta-feira, Março 26, 2014

The road to the utmost beauty and enchantment

The last time I went to the cinema with my family, I had an argument with my kids because, although the film was technically impeccable, I said that it lacked ambiguity. The kids loved the film and were shocked when I started with my "yes, the film was good but...".
In fact, that argument allowed me to realize that, in great part, the sense of unfulfillment I get after seeing a movie at the cinema comes from the lack of ambiguity of most current cinema (blockbusters movies, mainly). Hollywood, are you listening? You don't have to explain the whole movie to the public! The intriguing sense of mystery that comes from ambiguity has its own charm and can leave a sweet, enduring, mesmerizing impression (I saw "2001 a Space Odyssey" for the n'th time recently). Ambiguity can be more important than the consistency of the story!

Ok, that happened a few weeks ago. Today, I saw a 2h20m video with Leonard Bernstein talking about "The Delights and Dangers of Ambiguity". My first impression was: "Bernstein! Ambiguity! 2 hours! Wow!" (my second probably was: "He talks! And what a great communicator/teacher/player he is!"; Third: "Liebestod! Prélude à l'après-midi d'un faune!"). The video is remarkable for many reasons and leaves important hints to better understand the paths towards beauty and emotion.  The magnificent rendition of Liebestod, maybe the most beautiful piece of music ever written, with its long and difficult progression to the climax, here with the superimposed image of the emotion of Bernstein, dancing and feeling the music, is priceless.  It starts at 1:16:20 in the video, but do not miss the discussion that starts at 59:45.

(I mentioned Liebestod before in this blog. This blog needs to have a valid link to it, because I do not trust my memory enough. Oh,and sorry for my bad english...)

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Art and Life (2)

May be what I should ask is:

Is art:
1) a weed (e.g., corn), anytime from the beginning to the end of its life, or
2) a pop corn, finished, ready to be consumed?

Art and Life

After my first album, TRA, the next thing closest to an album will probably be EFIL (I guess). I do not know many things about this would-or-could-be-2nd-album, but I will keep you posted.

Right now I am listening to a diskette with some improvisations I made a few years ago and my urge is to publish everything as is, with lots of mistakes, terrible quality, and so on. And why not? Technology allows it.

So why not?

We see life "as is". The simplest living being is pure art, "as is". Imperfect or perfect, adjusted or not to its environment. Does art need to survive time? Does art need to be "perfect"? Does it need to be "perfect" because it needs to be performed and leave a good impression on the public? Does art need to be "performed"? Or can it just "be"?

(Yet another improvisation, this text. It just appeared in the keyboard. Let's see if I will be ashamed of it tomorrow...)

Life (and art?) just happens.

Christmas in

Yes, Christmas in.

This blogger is the hugely-immensely-super-cali-fragili-etcetera proud winner of the "Best Ambient Techno" category of the Great Sufjan Song Xmas Xchange. Don't know what this contest was? Read about it in the Wall Street Jornal (and don't forget to watch the video - meet Alec Duffy, the winner, and be amused and amazed at the incredible tale of  Sufjan's extremely exclusive song "A lonely man in Winter"!).

"Christmas in a hurry" was the original song I submitted to the contest. Later, I introduced some drums ("Christmas in a hurry, with drums"). Then "Christmas in the blinking lights" and "Christmas in the searching space" popped in my keyboard. The creation process continues, endlessly...

If only I knew more about mixing... (mental note for 2014: learn!)

domingo, Dezembro 01, 2013

New Version

Titan's Kiss (2013)
(originally appeared in TRA)

One year ago

One year ago, aweing at the passing of time, I started to publish the "TRA" album, one song per day (freely available in Soundclick and Google Play).
Time passes and things change. In this blog songs have birthdays, hence birthday parties. Sometimes I will give them a candle moment, eventually with some time-shift because time is strange, and we'll see how they get old. Or younger. Time is strange.

Yes!!! This blog has goals!!!

And probably one of them is to provide a cosy shelter for all those lonesome wanderers that serendipitously find this place. Come in, sit by the fire, not too close, and be well.

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domingo, Novembro 10, 2013

Making history

The owner of this blog is proud to announce that starting from today, this blog is now part of a network. It has joined efforts with the prestigious "One Year Blog" that started operating in January 3, 2013 (one post, 18 visualizations, some of them are mine).

This will introduce a new dynamic in this blog, with some hot new features, as you shall see in the near future.