domingo, dezembro 30, 2012

Happy 2013!!

Sorry, I had to change this post (which linked to a song from the TRA album in Soundcloud) because I was running out of space in SoundCloud. The TRA album is no longer in SoundCloud, but you can still get it in the link (free).

sábado, dezembro 01, 2012

TRA (2012)

[Meanwhile, this album was made available in Google Play]

Dec 25 [mp3] Titan's kiss (after hours) (*)
Dec 24 [mp3] Tra Theme (ending) (*)
Dec 23 [mp3] Ambiance (*)
Dec 22 [mp3] Cool Treat (*)
Dec 21 [mp3] Tracks (*)
Dec 20 [mp3] Savannah (*)
Dec 19 [mp3] The Intruder (*)
Dec 18 [mp3] Smooth Sky (*)
Dec 17 [mp3] Laundry on Canvas (*)
Dec 16 [mp3] Stupid Walk (*)
Dec 15 [mp3] Boing (*)
Dec 14 [mp3] Rhapsody with a kiss in Titan (*)
Dec 13 [mp3] With Love by my side (3:49) (*)
Dec 12 [mp3] Time for the Indians (4:15)
Dec 11 [mp3] And the band kept playing (2:30)
Dec 10 [mp3] Enchanted garden (1:05)
Dec 09 [mp3] Slip into sleep (1:49)
Dec 08 [mp3] Mexican Interlude + scythe of d. (2:49)
Dec 07 [mp3] Oh! To find a name (2:17)
Dec 06 [mp3] No name (1:04)
Dec 05 [mp3] Tra Theme (1:34)
Dec 04 [mp3] Dream of Songs (11:11) (*)
Dec 03 [mp3] Ode to the great abundance of maple sirup and cheese sticks in Coimbra, 2007 (*) (7:39)
Dec 02 [mp3] The Connection (3:27)
Dec 01 [mp3] Entrance (12:20)

(*) - Temporary version. It will (hopefully...) be replaced with a newer one as soon as possible.

TRA is arriving

From now until Christmas, I will try to upload a new song everyday. The reason is simple: TRA has 25 songs. TRA is a pseudo-album, forever unfinished and infinitely editable. I will try to improve what I have now and will share it with the billions of fans out there (fans of other bands I mean)...