terça-feira, julho 14, 2015


Today at lunch hour, just as New Horizons was reaching its closest distance to Pluto, I felt Charon's presence in the elevator of the mall. I knew it: they are watching us just as we are watching them.

quarta-feira, julho 08, 2015

More 'newbie' images of Pluto and Charon. Each row spans one rotation period of Pluto
(oldest: bottom left; newest: top right).



quarta-feira, julho 01, 2015

Seeing the invisible

Seeing the invisible seems paradoxal. Yet it can be so simple...
Below, not only we can 'see' the transparent water, but also we can map its depth and find 'invisible' floating sand using the shadows. Or we can estimate the position of the sun relative to the observer (both invisible in the photo), infer the hour of the day, or...
A good model can do wonders, a bad model can lead to disaster.