segunda-feira, fevereiro 25, 2013


One of the main tensions in this blog is to decide when to "publish" a song. Common wisdom says that an artist should show its art only when it is finished. It makes sense if you want to maximize the impact of your art on the public, but is this really what I want?

Well, yes I guess, but I don't have time (or discipline) to "finish" hundreds of songs the way I would like, especially when I see infinite possibilities of developing each song. So, I will show the songs in sometimes a very crude form and let people develop their own versions.

And yet... some songs clearly deserve more thought, a better understanding of what makes them interesting and a lot more exploration. It does not feel right to show them naked, deformed, when they could be beautiful with just a bit more of polishing. Besides, each time I listen to them they crystallize in my brain and it is more difficult to change them.

Well, people die, sometimes suddenly, so I will not wait for the right time to publish a song. Internet will be full of garbage if everyone does the same, but... well, it is full of garbage anyway. The pursuit of beauty in this blog will thus be truncated, but will continue. I hope you can imagine the songs the way they should be, instead of the way they are.

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