quarta-feira, dezembro 11, 2013

Art and Life

After my first album, TRA, the next thing closest to an album will probably be EFIL (I guess). I do not know many things about this would-or-could-be-2nd-album, but I will keep you posted.

Right now I am listening to a diskette with some improvisations I made a few years ago and my urge is to publish everything as is, with lots of mistakes, terrible quality, and so on. And why not? Technology allows it.

So why not?

We see life "as is". The simplest living being is pure art, "as is". Imperfect or perfect, adjusted or not to its environment. Does art need to survive time? Does art need to be "perfect"? Does it need to be "perfect" because it needs to be performed and leave a good impression on the public? Does art need to be "performed"? Or can it just "be"?

(Yet another improvisation, this text. It just appeared in the keyboard. Let's see if I will be ashamed of it tomorrow...)

Life (and art?) just happens.

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