terça-feira, janeiro 13, 2015

Every thing is connected

I was going to say that this garage band blog is getting very hermetic, because even I could not understand my last post written just a few hours ago. Then the idea was to google a picture from Moebius' Garage Hermetique as an illustration and what did I find? Moebius drawing Titeuf, whom I saw every day for years (it was drawn on my mousepad). And what is the drawing's title? And what is my last post's title? And do I really need to link my last post everytime I mention it? Yes: everything is linked!

P.S. - And, oddly enough, the images in the two posts are also visually and semantically related. OK, here is the secret, less hermetically put:

joining multiple pictures of a city's "Titeuf's hair" (glass reflections at sunset), taken in different days and/or from slightly different places, in a single picture or movie, should be a pretty sight.

It may not be the first of a few great ideas, but what the heck... tell it to your friends, tell it to your father, tell it to your sister too...

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