sábado, outubro 10, 2015

New Song

Soundcloud's player is nice, but Soundcloud sucks: 1) it only allows uploading a few songs for free; 2) I had to erase songs that were online to be able to upload new ones, erasing listener's comments; 3) even after doing that, with sufficient space for new songs, upload was not working. So, I will probably dump Soundcloud.

Soundclick is a great site to leave songs: very open, it has accepted hundreds of songs without complaining. I am grateful to them. Unfortunately the player did not seem to work very smoothly...

So, I will probably start using Tradiio's player (but will continue using and recommending Soundclick!):

P.S. - The song title was chosen a long time ago: it does not pretend to reflect any thoughts related to the current political situation in Portugal... :)

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