sexta-feira, junho 12, 2015


Mental note - this is not to be forgotten: Meditation from Thaïs (J. Massenet). 

I listened to this beautiful music tonight, brilliantly played live by a student of the Coimbra Music Conservatory in a magical night where 4 young soloists from this conservatory inspired everyone who was listening. The many long hours of hard work rehearsing the difficult pieces were not in vain: they were rewarding and filled the public with pride, hope and optimism in the future. All is well, sleep tight tonight.

(In a way, this blog is almost the opposite: effortless music, no rules, no need to play or sound well. Unfinished music and unattained pleasures, just for fun. But this is no reason for not acknowledging the deep respect I feel for those who dedicate their lives to playing beautiful music.)

Oh, and pardon my english... I do try...

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