quarta-feira, junho 03, 2015

New Song

I couldn't sleep, don't know why. I had been listening to this song just before going to bed and it kept echoing in my head, not letting me sleep. This has happened before with other songs. This time, a stupid idea formed in my head: "you will have rest once you publish this song". I ignored the idea for an hour or so but... I couldn't sleep! Hopeless, I decided to publish it now, "as is". It was not supposed to be like this, but... I have to work tomorrow! Yesterday I imagined what it would be like if someone would sing it, if I added crescendos, a lush orchestration to create the right mood to the next phase of the song, etc but... not now!

When I entered the "music room", I realized I had forgotten to turn off the computer and the keyboard. By chance, the last picture in the blog was appropriate for the title of the song, which I left unchanged. Minimizing work, I didn't want to change anything: just publish it and go to bed! Good night! :)

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